“Passion for Pinot” Book


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The explosive ascent of pinot noir from relative obscurity to prominent status is unprecedented. Never has a grape risen so quickly out of the pack to become a wine of which there is simply not enough.

Passion for Pinot captures the varietal's allure through the wisdom of its winemakers and growers, as well as the expertise of the author and photographers. Here you will learn the way this special grape is grown, vinified, and experienced. Within wine circles, debates rage over Pinot's proper styles, places, and techniques. The book gently arms the reader with everything needed to not only comprehend these debates, but also to participate in them.

Crucial to great Pinot noir is its ability to evoke spirit of place, and finally, here is a resourceful book that captures the terroir where Pinot Noir excels and the characters that are integral to establishing its success. An emphasis on quotes, facts, stories, maps, and rich imagery makes Passion for Pinot an informative and entertaining read.

This copy contains an introduction by Mark Vlossak and his famous cassoulet recipe. Keep an eye out for a couple of photos taken at our estate!