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April 8 2016

Welcome To Our New Online Home!

In the span of 16 months, we take Pinot noir from the vine to the bottle and we know you have waited longer than that for our new Web site to be completed! Thank you for your patience! Hopefully the payoff is almost as rewarding as opening one of our wines! Our goal was to create a place where visitors would have access to the latest information about our winery in a complete and user-friendly format.

Whether you’ve supported us since the beginning or have just discovered our existence, this winery is place where we believe that food draws out the best qualities in wine varietals we produce and that, if you wish, they have the ability to age!  If you’re curious which of our wines you should pair with your dinner, then check out the food page where our winemaker, Mark Vlossak, gives a guide meant to enhance your own culinary creativity. Those of you who want to wait and cellar your wine? There is an updated ageability chart for you to peruse!

Operating a winery is never a solo endeavor. You can also read about Mark’s familial inspiration, partnership with Zenith Vineyard, and take a look at the six other vineyard sites around the Willamette Valley that we are blessed to source from. Click on the vineyards page and discover what makes each site unique and the sustainable methods of farming they practice.

Wish simply to come taste our wine or hear our latest news? There is a visit us link with details on our current tastings, location, and directions. We also have a full calendar that lists our winery events as well as various dinners and activities in which we participate across the country!

Enjoy exploring our new site!